ESP High-Level Activity Fields

A number of actions are required under the ESP Programme and these were divided into 5 high-level Activity Fields.

Work Breakdown Structure

The EUROCONTROL Agency and the Safety Regulation Commission have undertaken a review that considered the progress made during SSAP implementation. The recommendations from the Safety Data Reporting and Data Flow Task Force (SAFREP TF) were taken into account as were further safety actions recommended by the Linate and Ueberlingen accident reports. 

Other actions required to enhance European ATM safety over the next few years were also considered. The review concluded that a number of actions were required and these were divided into the following 5 high-level Activity Fields:

Activity Field 1

Implementation and Support of European Safety Legislation/Regulation

All activities that provide support to European safety regulation implementation, which will include the ESARR Implementation Monitoring & Support (ESIMS) programme, direct support to ANSPs for their SMS implementation (via ES2 project), and monitoring the implementation of European safety legislation/regulations.

Field 2

Incident Reporting and Data Sharing – “Just Culture”

All activities required to improve incident reporting and data sharing, including “Just Culture”, data sharing agreements, ATM Safety Monitoring Tool (ASMT), the rolled-over tasks from the corresponding SSAP Area 2 and ESSAR 2 requirements. Field 2 also includes the activities resulting from the Safety Data Reporting and Data Flow Task Force (SAFREP TF) recommendations.

Field 3

Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Day-to-Day Operations

This activity field deals with ESARR 4 implementation, definition of TLS, tolerance to degraded modes of operations and safety assurance in change management of ATM constituents. The SRC and Agency will develop standards, guidance material and give support on SMS elements such as the development of a Risk Classification Scheme to support ATM system design, as part of ESARR 4 implementation

Field 4

System Safety Defences

Activities that will concentrate on supporting ATCOs with system safety defences in a more complex traffic environment with demanding traffic increases. This will include material on cost/benefit analysis; harmonized specifications and operational requirements for ground based safety nets and best practices; and integration of airborne and ground-based safety nets, including training support.

Remaining work on RA downlink feasibility (FARADS) and Survey of best Practices for safety Nets (SPINS) projects.

Field 5

Safety Management Enhancement

This activity field looks at state-of-the-art safety management best practices, including integration of human factors in SMS as well as short term (shorter than 2-3 years) related R&D activities. Guidance material for SMS will be developed by EUROCONTROL, together with specialised safety management training.

Safety improvement activities such as development and implementation of European action plans for the prevention of Level Busts, for the prevention of Air-Ground communication errors and prevention of Unauthorised Penetration of Airspace are also included in this activity field.