Practically all of EUROCONTROL Network Manager Directorate’s (NMD) activities have associated comprehensive customer feedback processes:
technical incident procedures, operational problem reporting mechanisms, local feedback, training questionnaires, etc.

An additional formal complaint management process is now available for non-operational complaints which are not covered by the other customer feedback processes.

A complaint is a formal written expression of dissatisfaction made to NMD:

  • where the quality of service has not the customer’s expectations and which is not covered by the comprehensive customer feedback processes (technical incident procedures, operational problem reporting, local feedback, training questionnaires, etc.) already in place);
  • and/or regarding the behaviour of NMD staff towards customers;
  • and/or inadequacies in handling issues raised by customers.

Formal complaints received will be promptly and fully dealt with by the appropriate managers, and will be brought to the attention of the Director Network Manager.

Should you have a formal complaint (one that is not covered by the comprehensive customer feedback processes), you may submit your complaint via email to our User Relations Section and to the office of the Director

Please include these details:

  • name of the complainant’s organisation;
  • name and title of the person submitting the complaint;
  • description of the complaint and all relevant supporting data;
  • service, product or activity concerned;
  • desired solution (if any);
  • where relevant and available, the identification number of the corresponding incident or operational claim record.

NMD will formally acknowledge your complaint within two working days and will send you a full answer and suggest a set of remedial actions as quickly as possible.