Civil-military training courses and e-learning modules

Defence and security are activities which remain the sole responsibility of the States. However, as the European transport policy directly impacts the organisation of airspace, which is used by civil and military alike, the Single European Sky (SES) has a direct impact on the military and on its access to airspace. Consequently, the military is closely involved in European Air Traffic Management (ATM) and the full implementation of the SES.

Relying on this special military role, we provide all interested stakeholders with a civil-military ATM coordination training course, called “GEN CIV MIL”, which has been developed by the EUROCONTROL Civil-Military ATM Coordination Division (CMAC).

GEN CIV MIL, course objectives and scope

This 4-day course provides an overview of the European ATM institutional framework and highlights the benefits of civil-military ATM cooperation at national and international levels.

In practice, it aims to:

  • promote knowledge and understanding of civil-military issues;
  • demonstrate the opportunities and benefits of civil/military co-operation within the European ATM environment;
  • explain how EUROCONTROL supports Member States in achieving and improving efficient co-ordination between military and military as well as between military and civil partners in ATM;
  • enhance military-military and civil-military coordination.

The course modules focus on:

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS);
  • Operational Air Traffic (OAT) harmonisation;
  • Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) interoperability;
  • the European performance framework;
  • ATM and Airspace Security;
  • Functional Airspace Blocks (FAB);
  • Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace (AFUA), including a practical exercise;
  • Military involvement in SES;
  • Military involvement in the SES ATM Research Programme (SESAR);
  • Military involvement in Pilot Common Project (PCP);
  • Military involvement in Centralised Services (CS).

The “GEN CIV MIL” takes place twice a year, at our Brussels headquarters office. For additional information, please refer to the EUROCONTROL Training brochure and EUROCONTROL Training Zone.


E-learning modules

EUROCONTROL Training Institute (IANS) currently organises three e-learning modules related to civil-military coordination which can be accessed via the EUROCONTROL Training Zone. They provide an introduction to civil-military ATM coordination while focusing on:

  • the institutional framework;
  • the implications of the Single European Sky; and
  • ATM Communication Navigation and Surveillance interoperability.

Target audience

These training course and e-learning modules address:

  • civil and military staff;
  • aviation authorities;
  • Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs); and
  • anyone working in the civil-military cooperation domain at national and international levels.

Christine Most

Course Manager (IANS)