Civil-military CNS coordination

Modernisation of the communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) infrastructure supporting the European air traffic management network (EATMN) has a major impact on civil-military aviation.

We at EUROCONTROL support our Member States (including military authorities and other ATM organisations) in ensuring that such modernisation does not negatively impact on military operations which need to be conducted in a mixed mode environment.

When we introduce operational improvements, we strive to make sure that they meet the Single European Sky (SES) initiative’s goals, such as enabling advanced concepts, reducing costs, achieving performance gains, as well as guaranteeing capacity and safety. It is essential that the levels of interoperability between civil and military systems are enhanced and that technologies are coordinated.

Therefore, we have invested considerable effort in:

  • producing the Roadmap on Enhanced Civil-Military CNS Interoperability and Technology Convergence document (see related links) which provides relevant technical information and describes the approach to be taken in promoting enhanced civil-military CNS interoperability;
  • identifying technical interoperability options that favour low-cost alternatives and maximise the adaptation and re-utilisation of available enablers on the basis of performance targets;
  • accommodating diverging military legacy system capabilities and architectures.

EUROCONTROL’s military-military and civil-military activities in the CNS domain are conducted in close coordination with civil-military working arrangements and comprise:

  • support to SES interoperability regulatory activities by introducing provisions for State aircraft and military systems in implementing rules, specifications and guidance material (including mandates submitted to EUROCONTROL and support for EASA);
  • integration of military CNS requirements in the EATMN infrastructure, comprising a wide range of R&D and deployment activities conducted in the context of EUROCONTROL’s work programmes in the pursuit of appropriate interoperability objectives;
  • military CNS-related contributions to SESAR projects (R&D and deployment);
  • military CNS technical and coordination support for the Network Manager’s infrastructure deployment efforts and scarce resources functions (frequency management and code allocation);
  • civil-military coordination and support for consultation in the areas of spectrum, standardisation and performance assessment (e.g. RVSM, transponder anomalies, etc.);
  • development and dissemination to State military authorities of civil-military CNS technical guidance on emerging ATM/CNS improvements and requirements;
  • regular CNS reports given to the Military Harmonisation Group (MILHAG), Military ATM Board (MAB) and to the Agency Advisory Board CNS Team as well as constant interaction with military CNS groups (NATO, EDA) and the defence industry;
  • harmonisation of Military Aeronautical Information and OAT Flight Plans;
  • Military technical CNS support to national military authorities, stakeholders and international organisations.

Jorge Pereira

Head of CNS Unit