A-CDM full operational trials at Heathrow Airport

Making every journey better - departure punctuality remained high during trial days

The airport-wide CDM operational trials have started on schedule at Heathrow Airport on 23 February 2012 and continue to take place each Tuesday and Thursday ramping up to full local implementation.

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In total, 666 departures (of 673 scheduled) participated in day 1 of the Heathrow A-CDM operational trials, with 643 departures (of 657 scheduled) participating in day 2, followed by another 4 successful days of trials to date.

A great collaborative demonstration of accomodating a whole new operational way of working

This is a great demonstration of how the diverse Heathrow-wide community can work collaboratively together to achieve such a large cultural step change in order to accommodate a whole new operational way of working. Most partners at Heathrow agree it about working smarter not harder!

To date they have had very encouraging, positive results throughout their A-CDM Transition Plan incorporating trial days during LVPs, runway closures, alternations etc.

Given the upfront investment in communications and training and the procedural awareness of the stakeholders there have been excellent levels of awareness amongst almost all of the operations teams, airlines and dispatchers. Train the trainer sessions and the approach to nominate AO/HA internal super-users, has allowed the impact of a very small BAA CDM team to be felt across the community.

First trial results look promising!

from 64% on trial Day 1 to 78% on trial Day 5 Called on time -/+ 5 mins to TOBT (Target Off-Block Time)


DPI trials in conjunction with EUROCONTROL’s Network Operations 

The DPI trials in conjunction with (CFMU) EUROCONTROL’s Network Operations started in March 2012 and it is planned to fully integrate EGLL into the ATM network via DPI and FUM messages at some stage soon following internal and external accuracy sign-off. 

It is essential for airports to share dynamic and highly accurate data with the European ATM network.

The DPI messages
supply the Network Operations of EUROCONTROL with airport situational information directly from the airports Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) systems in order to update the real time flight situation prior to take-off.
The FUM messages provide CDM airports with an accurate estimated landing time of arriving flights, improving the planning of outbound flights.

Heathrow is continuing to improve its accuracy for the Network Operations and the results of the trials look promising. A collaborative and united team effort, focused on continuously improving their operation is collectively driving forward Heathrow as its stride for success. “To date we are hugely proud and remain actively engaged with our Airline and Handler community as we continue roll out of this large cultural change programme through implementation and shortly finalise the transition into Business as usual!” Alison Bates, ACDM Project Manager 

Other trial days

Other pan airport A-CDM trial days at Heathrow airport took place on 1, 6, 8 and 13th March, with 6 in total but these continue to now run every Tuesday and Thursday ramping up 26th March to three days per week until full local followed by connection into the network.

On trial days the following A-CDM procedures must be followed:

1. AO/GH to update TOBTs (target off-block time) to within +/- 5 minute
2. AO to maintain flight plans in line with the TOBT (excluding flights with a CTOT)
3. Flight Crew to call ready within +/-5 minutes of TOBT (NOTE: if the flight is not ready, the TOBT must be updated to re-sequence flight for departure; it will not depart until this happens)
4. ATC to advise crew of TSAT (target start-up approval times) and adhere to TSAT when sequencing aircraft for departure
5. AO/GH to actively monitor A-CDM alerts and take the appropriate action to resolve.

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