State aircraft avionics requirements, a military outlook

Avionics systems are one of the key elements of military airborne platforms, making it possible to perform their missions, such as air defense, search and rescue, strategic and tactical transport, etc.

Modernisation initiatives, like SESAR (the Single European Sky ATM Research) in Europe, or new regulatory frameworks, are bringing significant technological advances into the cockpit such as satellite-based navigation, automatic dependent surveillance and data link communication.

Within this context, military avionics capabilities play a key role in achieving a seamless use of airspace, ensuring the appropriate level of civil-military interoperability.


How we help

We, at EUROCONTROL, work in close cooperation with military entities and other governmental bodies to favour the modernisation of State aircraft avionics. We provide guidance and support to them whilst taking account of their specific needs. In this way, we support State aircraft users in attaining a high level of civil and military avionics, for civil-military assessment and for the integration of alternative solutions.

Moreover, in preparation for 2020+, we are contributing to a seamless civil and military approach in the avionics domain.

Finally, many military agencies and industry bodies involved in the planning and procurement of avionics for the forward fit and retrofit of State aircraft frequently seek assistance from our military Communication Navigation Surveillance (CNS) experts to obtain the correct information in relation to the applicable requirements.


Avionics requirements for State aircraft

This is why, in parallel with the civil dimension, we have prepared a short summary of military aircraft requirements offering a brief overview of a significant series of avionics requirements and their applicability to State aircraft.

The EUROCONTROL Avionics Requirements for State aircraft provides useful information that may increase awareness of how military aircraft are impacted by the introduction of specific capabilities.

It should be noted that only National Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs) and Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs) contain formal and binding information on the avionics requirements applicable to State aircraft.

Ricardo Oliveira

Military Expert