ATM Architecture & Information Management

Under the umbrella of the pan-European system design approach, the ATM Architecture & Information Management activities in EUROCONTROL focus on the development and support to implementation of a digital, reliable and cost-efficient information environment for the whole of ATM.

The overall objective is the establishment of a network-centric information environment in Europe, also known as System Wide Information Management (SWIM).

Through partnerships with SESAR JU and other ATM stakeholders the main activities focus on:

  • A pan-European performance driven system (operational and architecture) design. Hereby the Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodology is being validated for a first pan-European application to ATM.
  • Definition, maintenance and access to overarching information reference models (e.g. AIRM and ISRM).
  • Definition and harmonised transition from the present Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), transitioning from paper products to a digital, fully managed data centric environment.
  • The managed evolution of customised meteorological (MET) information exchange solutions towards full ATM MET information sharing, contributing to the efficiency and quality of ATM decision making.
  • Support to the sharing of consistent flight information between all stakeholders ensuring that all systems have a consistent view of the information during all phases of flight.
  • The enabling of  timely and efficient airport information sharing for the purpose of airport strategic and tactical planning at local and ATM network levels.
  • Contribution to the SWIM specification and future evolution management, both in the field of technical standards and governance.
  • Provision of an integrated verification SWIM test platform.

In all these areas global interoperability requirements are worked upon via active global cooperation and coordination with other national and international bodies.