AST Focal Point (AST-FP) Group

The Annual Summary Template Focal Point (AST-FP) Group consists of EUROCONTROL Member States’ AST Focal Points and other people involved in safety data collection and reporting.

The Group is responsible for:

  • Undertaking tasks as directed by the SRC;
  • Ensuring the management of the EUROCONTROL safety data reporting process in accordance with ESARR 2;
  • Exchanging best practices in data collection and aggregation with a view to improving ESARR 2 reporting to EUROCONTROL;
  • Undertaking the development of SRC formal publications in the area of ESARR 2, as agreed by the SRC;
  • Sharing information on national Key Risk Areas identified through ESARR 2, reporting on, and contributing to, the analysis of recognised European Key Risk Areas;
  • Supporting the SRC, as required, in the formulation of Safety Indicators, Safety Targets and Exposure data.