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Through the initiative of Lufthansa, a technical committee was formed in 2006 inside AEEC in order to define and standardise an open-source format for embedded navigation databases, called NDBX (and later on ARINC829).The objective of the NDBX project was to define a format of navigation databases that could be read directly by future Flight Management Systems without any proprietary procedures to compile the data.

Some concerns were raised during the NDBX development about the risk of developing a parallel navigation data format, very close to the existing ARINC424 specification in terms of content.

Therefore it was decided in 2008 to merge the existing ARINC424 specification and the NDBX format into one single ARINC standard named ARINC424-A, taking advantage of the NDBX achievements to modernise the “old” ARINC424 standard.

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