Airport Operations Centre (APOC)

The SESAR APOC concept is one means by which the efficiency of overall airport operations may be addressed. It is seen as the principle support to the airport decision making process.


Managing an airport involves using many resources. However, the different actors (airport operations, airlines, ANSPs) often operate in an environment where there is not a harmonised approach to collaborative airport planning. The SESAR APOC concept is a means by which the efficiency of overall airport operations may be addressed. It is seen as being the primary support to the airport decision-making process.


It will permit stakeholders to communicate and coordinate, to develop and dynamically maintain joint plans and to execute those plans in their respective areas of responsibility.

The APOC can be seen as a ‘Total Airport’ management approach. Its main information source is the Airport Operations Plan, which integrates information from the appropriate process monitors and collates it into consistent and pertinent knowledge for the airport’s different operational units.

It should be able to interpret this information within the context of the overall plan in order to detect deviations which may require managing. In this way, the issue of limited data-sharing and different actors’ knowledge of operational constraints can be addressed.

The APOC will be equipped with a real-time monitoring system, a decision support system and a set of collaborative procedures which will ensure that the management of landside and airside airport processes will be fully integrated.

The deployment of the SESAR APOC concept is currently ongoing at two of the largest airports in Europe, Charles De Gaulle and Heathrow.


  • Implementing an APOC will make for a gain in efficiency, which will lead to a reduction in operational costs and the creation of more capacity; all due to the optimisation of resources.
  • Since this concept is based on shared information, airport management will benefit from punctuality gains.
  • It will also lessen the negative impact of adverse weather conditions, as the decision-making process allows for anticipation and a redistribution of resources, so facilitating a more rapid recovery phase.


Total Airport Management concept development in Paris Orly


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