Airport operations

Under the Network Manager Implementing Rule (677/2011) the focus of the work in the airport unit is assisting airport stakeholders to enhance airport performance and integrating airport operations into the Network. From a network perspective the impact of disrupted operations at an airport can have a far reaching impact on network performance and may result in the generation of major reactionary delays - this becoming especially significant as the levels of traffic grow and spare capacity becomes fully utilised.

There are a number of work streams that contribute to this objective, which on this Web-Site are detailed separately for the sake of clarity. It is recognised that airport operations are complex and the prevailing circumstances at each airport can differ significantly, and for this reason a common all embracing solution for each airport is not practicable.

Network Manager is developing a process to monitor information on airport operations from a number of sources, and following an analysis of the operation in partnership with local stakeholders, a number of solutions, based upon the following projects, will be suggested. Each project undertaken by the airport unit has a high level description, and more detailed information and some technical specifications can be found in the linked tabs.

Any questions relating to the Network Manager Airport Unit should be addressed to the Head of Airports Unit.