Airport Information Management

The Network Manager (NM) regularly captures key airport information through its planning and operational processes to assist in the effective management of the European ATM Network. This allows NM to pinpoint early on any events that may affect overall performance.

To help airports provide information in an efficient and harmonised manner, the Network Manager has implemented the Airport Corner, an airport-focussed data repository supported by a secure web application. The underlying process for data provision facilitates collaboration between the local Air Navigation Service Provider and the Airport Operator, resulting in a “coordinated airport view”.

The Airport Corner covers a wide range of strategic airport information such as capacity, traffic forecasts, local events with a potential impact on operations, diversion capabilities, airside and landside information, intermodality, adverse weather conditions, TMA/approach, CDO and CDM implementation, environmental information and local contacts. Due to the sensitivity of certain strategic information handled by this process, the tool offers the capability of treating information as confidential whenever required.

Since October 2015, the Airport Corner has been enhanced so as to allow airports to share information on airport events which could affect the pre-tactical phase of operations, through the so-called Enhanced Airport Information Exchange with NM.

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Non-confidential information from airports is available for the public below or via a direct link on the Network Operations Portal (NOP) – Strategic Tab/Planning of Network Changes portlet.

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or login to access the restricted Airports Corner.

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