Airport Capacity and Performance (ACAP) activities

The Airport Capacity and Performance (ACAP) team, part of the Network Manager’s Airport Unit, is carrying out a number of activities to underpin the better integration of airports into the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Network.

The focus of these activities is on:

  • better predictability;
  • enhancing airport performance;
  • Airport/Network performance analysis.

In order to deliver the predictability and performance levels required, all network aspects have to be considered when managing the available airport capacity effectively. This means having access to timely information on what is happening in all phases (strategic, pre-tactical and tactical), combined with an ability to carry out post-operations analysis, to identify shortfalls, to apply agreed mitigation tactics and to make improvements.

The ACAP team uses data from the Network Manager’s systems (e.g. flight plans, flow measures) and combines it with information provided by stakeholders such as Airline Operators, Airport Operators, Airport Slot Coordinators and Air Navigation Service Providers. This information bundle helps us to carry out post-operational analyses and so identify short-comings that can be improved in a cooperative, collaborative way.

Analysing airport performance from all possible angles allows us to identify the potential impact on the network and vice versa. The results of such analyses are given to the operational stakeholders, together with proposals for collaboratively identifying actions to improve the situation.

Is your airport constrained by its infrastructure or airspace, or do you regularly experience delay situations? If so, please contact our team: we can help you assess the situation and identify solutions.

Airport Capacity Assessment

Assessing Airport Capacity and throughput is an intensive task for which not all airports have the necessary expertise. The Network Manager can help airports assess their capacity needs through relevant training and/or through conducting capacity assessment studies with its Performance Indicator and Analysis Tool for Airports (PIATA). The graph below illustrates how such assessments are made (click on the image to enlarge it).

How does Airport Capacity and Performance testing works.

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Airport Capacity and Performance (ACAP)

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