Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS)

Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) comprises of  a combination of systems that provides Services to aircraft and vehicles in order to maintain airport throughput under all local weather conditions, whilst maintaining the required level of safety.  An A-SMGCS supports surface movement operations at an airport based on defined operational procedures.


A-SMGCS provide benefits to Controllers by:

  • Providing a representation of the actual aerodrome traffic on a display, independent of line-of-sight connection between the Controller and the mobile.
  • Providing the position and the identity of all cooperative mobiles, within the Coverage Volume independent of visibility conditions and the Controller’s line of sight.
  • Helping the Controller to prevent collisions between all aircraft and vehicles especially in conditions when visual contact can’t be maintained.
  • Detecting and indicating the position of potential intruders.
  • Supporting an expeditious management of traffic.


EUROCONTROL defines four A-SMGCS services:

Surveillance Service - provides airport traffic situational awareness through the identification, position, and tracking of aircraft and vehicles within a predefined Coverage Volume via a Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Airport Safety Support Service - contributes to airside operations as a safety improvement, preventing hazards/incidents resulting from Controller, Flight Crew or Vehicle Driver operational errors or deviations. This Service depends on the Surveillance Service being in operation and is based on the following three functions:

  • Runway Monitoring and Conflict Alerting (RMCA) - is a short term conflict alerting tool for Controllers that monitors movements on or near the runway and detects conflicts between an aircraft and another mobile. It uses Surveillance data and predefined rules and parameters.
  • Conflicting ATC Clearances (CATC) - provides an alert when the Controller inputs an electronic Clearance via the HMI, that according to a set of locally agreed rules is not permitted from an operational and safety point of view when compared to any other previously input electronic Clearance.
  • Conformance Monitoring Alerts for Controllers (CMAC) - provides Controllers with appropriate alerts when the A-SMGCS detects the non-conformance to procedures or Clearances for traffic on runways, taxiways and on the apron area.

Routing Service – is a key enabler for the Guidance Service and some elements of the  Airport Safety Support Service (especially the Route Deviation Alert), and generates individual routes for mobiles based on known aerodrome parameters and constraints or following an interaction by the Controller.  Subsequently accurate taxi times are generated based on the route and these times can be used by the A-CDM platform.

Guidance Service – In conjunction with Controller inputs and the Surveillance and Routing Services provides the following functions:

  • The automated switching of the Taxiway Centreline Lights (TCL).
  • The automated switching Stop Bars.
  • The automated activation of A-VDGS.

It will help Flight Crew and Vehicle Drivers follow their assigned routes in an unambiguous and reliable way e.g. by automatically switching on and off the TCL and stop bars at a specified distance ahead of individual mobiles whilst taking into account other traffic.


EUROCONTROL Specification for A-SMGCS Services (No.171) – Version 1.0 - 1 March 2018.
(to be used in conjunction with EUROCAE document ED-87 MASPS for A-SMGCS available from EUROCAE).

ITWP Human-Machine Interface (HMI) description - Version 4.0 - 20 January 2017.

Advanced Surface Movement, Guidance and Control System

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