ACAS II equipage requirements

Current European ACAS II equipage requirements

In 2011, the European Commission published Regulation No 1332/2011, subsequently amended by Regulation No 2016/583, mandating, from 1 December 2015, the carriage of ACAS II (TCAS II) version 7.1 within European Union airspace by all civil aeroplanes with a MTOM exceeding 5700 kg or authorised to carry more than 19 passengers.

Aircraft not referred above but which are equipped on a voluntary basis with ACAS II, must be equipped with version 7.1. The mandate does not apply to unmanned aircraft systems.

EUROCONTROL has no legal powers or responsibilities related to the provisions of the above mentioned regulations. Any requests for clarifications and quires regarding possible exemptions should be addressed directly to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Technical questions FAQs

ACAS in State (military) aircraft

For information regarding State (military) equipage requirements, please refer to the web page of the EUROCONTROL Civil-Military ATM Coordination.

Minimum Equipment List (MEL) exemptions

The MEL for TCAS II throughout Europe is typically 10 days (excluding the day of discovery). However, some local authorities and/or operators may introduce a more restrictive rectification deadline. For instance, in German airspace the time period during which TCAS II may be inoperative is reduced to 3 days (refer to German AIP GEN 1.5 para. 5). This applies to all aircraft. 

Equipage and flight planning requirements are subject to change at any time. Aircraft operators should refer to the individual States authorities and/or publications (e.g. AIPs) for more information and up-to-date requirements.

ATC authorities are not required to determine whether an aircraft is fitted with ACAS II, nor is it the role of ATC to police ACAS II serviceability. ICAO PANS-ATM Doc 4444, para states: “The procedures to be applied for the provision of air traffic services to aircraft equipped with ACAS shall be identical to those applicable to non-ACAS equipped aircraft.”

Current ACAS II equipage requirements outside Europe

ICAO Annex 6 states that as of 1 January 2005, all turbine-engined aeroplanes of a maximum certificated take-off mass in excess of 5700 kg or authorized to carry more than 19 passengers shall be equipped with an airborne collision avoidance system (ACAS II).

Amendment 85 to ICAO Annex 10 volume IV, published in October 2010, introduced a provision stating that:

  • all new ACAS installations after 1 January 2014 shall be compliant with version 7.1; and
  • all ACAS units shall be compliant with version 7.1 after 1 January 2017.

However, some States outside Europe may apply different requirements. Please refer to the individual States authorities for more information.