Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in Europe: EUROCONTROL and ECAC cooperate on SAF map

EUROCONTROL and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) have entered into a cooperation for a map on sustainable aviation fuels in Europe depicting national regulatory measures as well as the status of SAF use at specific airports, including also a selection of unique trial cases. With EU and national rules currently being worked on and put in place for aviation, the map provides an overview on the current status on SAF and is expected to evolve over the coming months and years.

“Sustainable aviation fuels are one of the most promising solutions when it comes to lowering aviation’s environmental impact. Going through this transformative process, it is important to keep track of the latest developments, so we hope this joint EUROCONTROL–ECAC map delivers value to all the aviation stakeholders participating in the transformation towards greater sustainability.”

Marylin Bastin Head of Sustainability EUROCONTROL

Norway and Sweden are already leading the way in Europe when it comes to SAF. Norway established a blending obligation to aviation fuel suppliers for a 0.5% minimum content of advanced biofuel. The goal is to reach 30% by 2030 and the Norwegian government has stipulated that the biomass to produce it should come from wastes and residues. Sweden has put in place a greenhouse gas emissions reduction obligation for jet fuel suppliers to promote the use of SAF. SAF blend ratios in Sweden are required to increase from 1% by volume in 2021 to 30% in 2030.

In the European Union, lawmakers are currently discussing the expansion of the list of feedstocks from which SAF can be produced and the proportion of future blending mandates. At the moment, it is expected that, from 2025 onwards, aviation fuel must include 2% SAF rising to between 63% and 85% by 2050 depending on the outcome of negotiations at EU level.

The EUROCONTROL-ECAC map on the use of SAF in European States contains information on the status of national blending mandates as well as use of SAF at specific airports

“With this SAF map, and other initiatives such as the SAF guidance material currently under development in ECAC, we aim to provide valuable information and resources to contribute to the ambitious long-term global aspirational goal (LTAG) for international aviation of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, recently adopted by the 41st ICAO Assembly.”

Cesar Velarde Climate Change and Capacity Building Specialist at the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)

The ECAC sees the experience of pioneering European States’ policy action and industry voluntary initiatives as a key asset to successfully promote SAF across the ECAC region, while harmonising requirements so as to avoid unnecessary barriers. The regulatory initiatives taken in the last few years by these pioneering States (the Nordic countries, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain) have paved the road for major regulatory developments happening now, such as the ReFuel EU Aviation regulatory proposal, the United Kingdom SAF mandate, a Swiss SAF quota proposal and the recently announced Turkish intentions to set up regulatory incentives for SAF.

If you wish to report a SAF availability currently not on the map, please share the details here:

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