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Think Paper Flying the ‘perfect green flight’: How can we make every journey as environmentally friendly as possible

Our latest EUROCONTROL Think Paper looks at every aspect of a flight before, during and immediately after, to identify the main opportunities to improve aviation sustainability at each stage, the challenges that need to be tackled to get closer to that ‘perfect green flight’, and what we can do – now and in the medium term – to make that happen. We estimate that European flight CO2 emissions can be reduced by 25.8% by 2030. By 2050, hybrid, electric and hydrogen airplanes will enable aviation to achieve climate neutrality. The political will is there to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, with the European ‘Green Deal’ showing the way forward: the challenge is to make every journey as environmentally friendly as possible and aim to fly the ‘perfect green flight’.

Reducing fuel and emissions: EUROCONTROL offers new trainings for flight crew to become better at carrying out continuous descent operations.

Continuous climb and descent operations (CCOs and CDOs) are aircraft operating techniques facilitated by air traffic control (ATC). CCOs and CDOs allow aircraft to follow an optimal flight path which delivers major environmental and economic benefits, namely reduced fuel burn, emissions or noise without any adverse effect on safety. The brand-new e-learning course “Continuous descent operations refresher for pilots [ENV-CDO]” is now available.

CCO/CDO training illustration

Analysing emissions from fuel burn with R-NEST: EUROCONTROL boosts capability to assess environmental footprint of flights

RNEST Tool screenshot

Factoring environmental performance early into ATM concept evaluation is a must on the way towards more efficient and sustainable trajectories. EUROCONTROL has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) for its Research Network Strategic Tool (R-NEST) which is now able to estimate 25 different emissions from the fuel burn of flights. The API delivers a more detailed overview on the environmental footprint of new concepts of operations helping to assess sustainability gains through improved performance.

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