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Optimising flight planning even in challenging circumstances: The EUROCONTROL Network Manager continues to ensure more efficient, sustainable flights

Over the past year, more than 4,500 tailored rerouting proposals have been identified by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) Flight Efficiency Task Force, helping airspace users improve their flight planning.

The Task Force brings together the EUROCONTROL NM, airspace users and air navigation service providers (ANSPs). Its proposals have helped save aircraft operators more than 131,000 nautical miles, more than 798,000 kg fuel and over 113,000 EUR in route charges – while reducing CO2 emissions by at least 2,514 tonnes. Their work has however become considerably more problematic following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which has closed or restricted airspace, adding a huge additional layer of complexity to the Network situation.

ETS & CORSIA support services: aircraft operators now have access to 2022 data

Aircraft operators are now able to request 2022 data from our EUROCONTROL's Emissions Trading System (ETS) Support Facility helping you to prepare your emissions reporting to comply with EU, Swiss and UK ETSs and ICAO CORSIA. All ECAC states can equally request access to the CORSIA Reporting Tool to assist them in their 2021 reporting on CORSIA to ICAO.

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APPLY to become a Noise Expert at EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL's Aviation Sustainability Unit is looking for a specialist in aircraft noise modelling to strengthen its research and innovation team at the EUROCONTROL Innovation Centre in Brétigny-sur-Orge, south of Paris.

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