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ETS Support Facility now extended to Switzerland and the UK

The EUROCONTROL Support Facility for the EU Emissions Trading System for aviation supports over 500 aircraft operators to fulfil their obligations in monitoring, reporting and verifying their emissions, while reducing compliance cost. In 2020, the ETSSF was extended to support Switzerland, following the entry into force of the linkage between the EU and Swiss emissions trading systems. The service was also adapted to continue supporting the United Kingdom as of 1 January 2021 and is now capable of supporting other States in the implementation of national market based measures.

Switzerland + UK

European Union emissions trading system support facility


EUROCONTROL supplies new CORSIA support service

ЕUROCONTROL is now offering two new services as part of its support to States for the implementation of ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) - the global scheme to address aviation’s impact on climate change. As part of the Environmental Management Information Service (EMIS) the CORSIA Reporting Tool (CRT) was developed on request - and with the financial contribution - of the European Commission and was deployed in June 2020. The CRT is used by EEA States to ensure their timely submission to ICAO of the State aggregated CORSIA emissions report. In January 2021, the CORSIA Support Facility (CSF) was deployed to support States in the review and acceptance of the CORSIA emissions reports delivered to them by aircraft operators.

Close cooperation with European partners on the third edition of the European Aviation Environmental Report 2022

EUROCONTROL is working closely with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the European Environment Agency (EEA), the European Commission and the Joint Research Centre on the third edition of the European Aviation Environmental Report (EAER). The report, an independent overview of the environmental performance of European aviation, will be published in July 2022 in time for the ICAO 41st General Assembly. EUROCONTROL is contributing expertise as well as its unique data sources to the report.


Co-chairing the ATM/ANS Environmental Transparency Working Group

The objective of this new working group, co-Chaired by EASA, NATS and EUROCONTROL, is to develop proposals on how ATM/ANS providers can increase environmental transparency and demonstrate their efforts to support the industry in reducing negative environmental impacts. If you want to get involved, please contact us.

Does taxing aviation really reduce emissions?

Our recent Think Paper concluded that any tax on aviation should be ring-fenced to support decarbonisation measures such as sustainable aviation fuels. It finds that economic output is the main factor influencing demand, and hence higher or lower CO2 emissions – and underlines that as long-distance air traffic dominates aviation emissions, efforts must be targeted on this segment if a reduction in CO2 emissions is to be achieved.

Think paper

Does taxing aviation really reduce emissions?

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