In 1998, the EUROCONTROL Organisation launched Performance Review by creating the independent Performance Review Commission (PRC), supported by the Performance Review Unit (PRU).

This was in line with ECAC’s Institutional Strategy for Air Traffic Management (ATM) in Europe which called for strong, transparent and independent performance review and a target setting system. The aim was to facilitate more effective management of the European ATM system, encourage mutual accountability for system performance and provide a better basis for investment analyses and provide States with guidelines on economic regulation.

Currently, Performance Review incorporates all aspects of Air Navigation Services (ANS).

In 2010, the PRC, supported by the PRU, was designated by the European Commission as the Performance Review Body of the Single European Sky. The designation ended on 31 December 2016.

Latest news

A key element in the process of producing the PRR is to consult with stakeholders, in order to ensure that the report is accurate and understandable and also to ensure full transparency. Stakeholders are invited to send their comments no later than 12 April 2019.

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