Airport integration

Enhancing airport performance to improve network predictability.


Airports are complex operational ecosystems and a crucial component of the European air traffic management network. At EUROCONTROL, we work to better integrate them with the air traffic management network. We help airports take advantage of the 'network approach' to resolve operational problems.

At the same time, we support airports in implementing performance improvements outlined in the European ATM Master Plan, focusing on operational specifications, standards and cooperative action plans.

Our services help to increase capacity, reducing delays, improve surface flows and implement a total airport management approach in daily airport operations and in adverse conditions.

We believe that collaboration among stakeholders is just as important as the enabling technologies and concepts we develop. This is why we work closely with airport teams from across Europe to support them in implementing operational improvements that will deliver capacity, safety and efficiency both at local and network levels, now and in the future.

Services and projects

Advanced Performance Based Navigation procedures in the terminal area


Advanced surface movement guidance and control system

Airport and terminal maneuvering area network integration


Airport capacity and performance


Airport collaborative decision-making

Airport information management

We connect

airports in Europe

30,000 +

flights per day in 2019

3.5 million

passengers per day



Airport local air quality studies

Airport Operations Team


Calibration of an optimised approach spacing tool


Continuous climb and descent operations performance monitoring dashboard


European Connected Regional Airports

Airport corner

Helping airports share information in an efficient and harmonised manner

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