Air navigation services performance review

Ensuring Europe's ANS systems perform to their potential.


The EUROCONTROL Performance Review Commission (PRC) and Unit (PRU) provide objective information and independent advice based on extensive research, data analysis and consultation with our governing bodies and interested stakeholders on European air traffic management (ATM) performance. EUROCONTROL's performance review system was a world-first at the time it was built. The PRC and PRU look at all aspects of European air navigation services and provide a strong, transparent and independent review of their performance.

The PRC’s work has been built on in wider fora, such as ICAO’s global performance-based approach, and the performance scheme of the Single European Sky (SES). The PRC has received the ATC Maastricht Award for Contribution to European ATM, as well as a Special Recognition Award from IATA. The EUROCONTROL performance review system and the SES performance scheme jointly contribute towards improving the overall performance of air navigation services and network functions in Europe.

2019 ATM performance
9.9 %

of flights experienced en-route ATFM delay

95.6 %

horizontal flight efficiency in filed flight plans

97.2 %

horizontal flight efficiency in actual trajectories


The Performance Review Commission (PRC) was created by the EUROCONTROL States in 1998, following the adoption of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Institutional Strategy the previous year.

A key feature of this Strategy was that “an independent Performance Review System covering all aspects of ATM in the ECAC area will be established to put greater emphasis on performance and improved cost-effectiveness, in response to objectives set at a political level”.

The Performance Review Unit (PRU) supports the Work Programme of PRC, which in turn provides independent advice to the EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission through the Provisional Council on pan-European ATM performance.

The PRU, with the PRC, collects and analyses performance-related data and develops recommendations to the Permanent Commission through an annual performance review report. Supported by the PRU, the PRC:

  • conducts performance research to  improve long-term performance measurement and to test new indicators;
  • benchmarks  operational stakeholders;
  • provides in-depth analysis and independent ad-hoc studies on PRC initiative and at the request of interested parties;
  • ensures widespread circulation of best practices for ATM performance.

The PRU has developed web-based Performance dashboards giving up to date and user-friendly access to and display of a wealth of performance data.

The ANS performance data portal provides monthly updates of performance information covering all 41 States. Customised reports can also be requested online, e.g. vertical flight efficiency.

The ACE dashboard gives easy access to data, indicators and interactive graphics on European ANS cost-effectiveness.

The Service Units Dashboard allows monitoring and interacting with en-route service units billed by the CRCO or forecasted by STATFOR and States.

The PRU also supports the official Single European Sky SES Performance Dashboard.

The Performance Review Unit (PRU) provides support to the EC under a service contract, signed in 2017, which runs for four years. Activities include support to monitoring, target setting and assessment of performance plans.

The PRU also supports the EC, its Agencies and Advisory Bodies under a longer-term co-operation agreement. Activities include:

  • assessment of technical compliance of unit rates and reporting on costs exempt from cost sharing;
  • work on US-EU performance comparisons and ad hoc analyses at the EC’s request in support of performance and charging schemes;
  • promotion of global and regional performance measurement within ICAO and other world regions;
  • secondment of performance experts to the EC.

Areas of common interest can be added to this co-operation.



Air traffic management cost-effectiveness dashboard

Pan-European air navigation services performance data portal

Service units dashboard

SES Online

Single European Sky online monitoring dashboard

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Our air navigation services performance review activities are performed by the Performance Review Unit (PRU) on behalf of the Performance Review Commission.
For more information about the relation between the two bodies and their way of working visit our governance section.