Terminal ANS costs and charges

Terminal Charging Zone (TCZ) and Terminal ANS Charge (TNC) relate to terminal Air Navigation Services (TANS) comprising aerodrome control and aerodrome flight information services, air traffic services related to approach and departure of aircraft, and a share of other air navigation services allocated to terminal.

Comparison of TANS costs is challenging due to significant diversity at European airports. The main differences are observed in the definition of TCZs (number and size of airports included), scope of TANS services provided, traffic levels and complexity, as well as charging policies applied by different States (e.g. allocation en-route/terminal/airport).

In the Reference Period 2 (RP2, 2015-2019), provision of TANS at large European airports is subject to performance and charging schemes with the following main requirements:

  • Setting of local TANS cost-efficiency targets (Determined Unit Cost) at the level of declared Terminal Charging Zones (TCZ)/Airports;
  • Computation of TANS unit rates based on the determined costs set in the RP2 Performance Plans and adjusted according to cost and traffic risk-sharing mechanisms; and,
  • Application of a common terminal navigation service units (TNSUs) formula to calculate TANS charges (see below).

The threshold for the application of performance and charging schemes in RP2 is set to 70 thousands IFR air transport movements per year including the airports with the largest number of movements for States where no airports reach the threshold. States nevertheless had an option to include also smaller size airports.

In Europe, 38 TCZs (some 174 airports) are subject to performance and charging schemes in RP2 (generally one per State; two for France, Italy, Poland and United Kingdom; and five for Belgium). The number of airports per TCZ ranges from one in several SES States to some 60 airports in French TCZ.

The geographical scope and the number of airports subject to performance and charging schemes is shown on the map below.

TANS Costs and Charges publication on the right-hand side includes terminal reporting tables and additional information provided by the SES States in November 2018 in view of setting the 2019 TANS unit rates.

The composition of TCZ and TANS unit rates in 2019 is summarized in the table.

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2019 Terminal Unit Rates


Consolidated Reporting Tables

Scope of Terminal charging zones