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Welcome to the EUROCONTROL ACE (ATM Cost-Effectiveness) Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to access the latest available data and analysis which are provided in the ACE Benchmarking Reports prepared by the EUROCONTROL Performance Review Unit. The dashboard with its interactive functionalities will also allow you to design and customise original analyses and presentations based on ACE data covering the 2002-2021 period. A detailed description of the dashboard’s functionalities is available here.

The ACE reports are based on information provided by ANSPs in compliance with Decision No. 88 of the Permanent Commission of EUROCONTROL, which makes annual disclosure of ANS information mandatory, according to the Specification for Economic Information Disclosure (SEID), in all EUROCONTROL Member States. These reports are commissioned by EUROCONTROL's independent Performance Review Commission (PRC).

The ACE 2021 Benchmarking Report, which is the latest in a series of twenty-one annual reports, analyses the cost-effectiveness and productivity of 38 European ANSPs. High level information is available for each of these ANSPs hovering over the map displayed on this page.

The ACE benchmarking analysis is of particular interest to ANSPs’ management, policy makers, regulators and NSAs in order to identify best practices, areas for improvement, and to understand how cost-effectiveness performance has evolved over time. This information is also useful to support consultation processes between ANSPs and airspace users.

For further information on the ACE Benchmarking Reports, please contact the EUROCONTROL PRU Support Team.


The Performance Review Unit has made every effort to ensure that the information and analysis contained in this dashboard are as accurate as possible. Should you find any factual errors or inconsistencies we would be grateful if you could please contact the EUROCONTROL PRU Support Team.