This interactive dashboard is an innovative and intuitive tool developed by EUROCONTROL PRU/ECO which allows you to access the latest available data and analysis which is provided in the ACE Benchmarking Reports.

This dashboard presents the following four different views with interactive contents:

  • Home
  • Framework
  • Motion, and
  • Comparators

A description of the contents and the interactive features of each of these pages are available hereafter.


This is your entry point to the dashboard. The map presented in the centre of the page allows you to get high level quantitative information on each of the 38 participating ANSPs only by clicking on the airspace controlled by this ANSP. Clicking on the map also allows you downloading the individual ANSP fact-sheets which are usually disclosed as an annex of the ACE Benchmarking Report.


The most recent ACE Benchmarking Report, as well as previous editions, is available for download by clicking on the relevant cover miniature. This page also allows you to download the documents required to submit ACE data to the Performance Review Unit. This includes the Specification for Economic Information Disclosure (SEID) V3.0 templates and an Excel file comprising key operational data.

ACE Framework

This page allows you to navigate through the analytical framework developed in the ACE Benchmarking Reports which is presented in the top-left corner. By default, the framework shows the ACE key indicators and metric at Pan-European system level in the latest year for which ACE data are available. You can easily change the year under review or focus on any participating ANSP by using the two selectors available in this page or by clicking on any of the graphics of this page.


The bar chart presented in the bottom-left corner of the page shows the ranking for each of the key indicators and metric used in the ACE framework, and for the year selected. Click on any of the bars to select a specific ANSP. Clicking on the relevant box in the framework or using the year selector allows to show a different metric/indicator or to focus on a different year in this bar chart.

The chart presented in the centre on the top of this page provides information on the drivers for the changes in cost-effectiveness performance at ANSP or Pan-European system level for the time period defined in the years selector.

Similarly, the table presented in the top-right corner of the page shows key ACE data at ANSP or Pan-European system level for the time period defined in the years selector.

The line charts provided at the bottom of the page shows the changes in time for the key indicators/metrics selected in the framework. Based on the information collected over the years through the ACE data analysis process, it is possible to analyse changes in performance at ANSP or Pan-European system level since 2002.

In addition, clicking on the different charts presented in this page allows you to focus on a different indicator/metric, ANSP or time period.


This page presents an interactive and dynamic view of the changes in selected ACE key indicators and metrics. It will only work with Flash-compatible browsers.


By default, the page shows the bubble view which allows seeing the change over time for up to four metrics at the same time (x, y, size and colour of the bubbles). This view is particularly useful to compare the changes in performance over time for a selected ANSP against other ANSPs or the Pan-European system.

It is also possible to visualise the changes in ranking over time for a given ANSP and metric by selecting the bar chart option on the top-right of the chart.


This page presents ANSPs key ACE indicators (ATM/CNS provision costs, ATCO-hour productivity, ATCO employment costs per ATCO-hour and support costs per composite flight-hour) in comparison with their respective comparator group. The approach is to consider each ANSP in the context of a group of other ANSPs (comparators) which operate in relatively similar operational and economic environments. More information on ANSPs comparator groups is available in the ACE Benchmarking Reports (see for example the ACE 2015 Benchmarking Report on p.50-51).


The four charts disclosed on the left-hand side of the page compare the level of a selected ANSP indicators with its comparators. By default, the comparison is made on the latest year for which financial data were available. However, it is possible to select a different reference year by using the relevant time selector. Similarly, the page presents by default the five-largest ANSPs comparator group. It is possible to choose a different comparator group by selecting an ANSP belonging to this group using the “Reference ANSP” button. It is also possible to fully customise the group of comparator by using the “Select relevant comparators” menu and by adding/removing ANSPs.

The four charts disclosed on the right-hand side of the page compare the trends of the selected ANSP indicators with its comparators. By default, the period under review is of five years. It is possible to change the length of the period analysed by clicking on the “Starting year for trend analysis button”.