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#COVID19 Even with low traffic levels, it's vital for control centres to stay open to handle vital flights - which means putting business continuity plans in place. Many thanks to all the ATCOs and other staff working! @Transport_EU @CANSOEurope https://t.co/z5WeAE2l01


#COVID19 Latest update of the situation of airlines and countries across the @eurocontrol Network @Transport_EU @ACI_EUROPE @CANSOEurope @IATA @A4Europe @ECACceac @eraaorg https://t.co/9fU8jgEjls


#COVID19 Daily update for 28 March. Just 3,585 flights yesterday - down 85% on the equivalent Saturday last year @Transport_EU @EBAAorg @eraaorg @IATA @A4Europe @CANSOEurope https://t.co/czQzYpbwG6