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Europe’s current air traffic situation

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Europe’s air traffic situation

How has air traffic been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe?

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Henrik Hololei
Skyway insight

The crisis is also an opportunity for rebuilding Europe’s aviation system

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Latest developments

Lack of 🇪🇺 coordination makes it impossible for the ✈️ sector to recover from COVID-19 turmoil. More on the @EP_Transport debate with @eurocontrolDG ⤵️ 📌 Press release https://t.co/XgYzpmMW5v


Exactly where is today’s traffic flying? Analysis in our latest Comprehensive Assessment shows 87% of all flights in the @eurocontrol network are intra-European, with just 13% flying to other regions. See https://t.co/EntMQUsXba @Transport_EU @IATA @A4Europe @CANSOEurope @eraaorg https://t.co/X9kEZIEGxb