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Europe’s current air traffic situation

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Europe’s air traffic situation

How has air traffic been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe?

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#COVID19 Airports are planning for the recovery phase but, in general, are still running at very low levels of flights/passengers. Here are the busiest ones last week @ACI_EUROPE @Transport_EU @ECACceac https://t.co/FQ17UZonhs


#COVID19 – Traffic hovered at -85% last week (impacted by Ascension holiday 21 May). Let’s hope to see a gradual pick-up in flights in the weeks ahead as routes start reopening in June. @Transport_EU @ECACceac @A4Europe @IATA @eraaorg @EBAAorg @CANSOEurope @ACI_EUROPE https://t.co/USMhZukXjQ


European aviation is a Network of partners – we all need to work together to get through #COVID19! #WeWillFlyAgain @Transport_EU @ECACceac @CANSOEurope @ACI_EUROPE @IATA @A4Europe @eraaorg @EBAAorg https://t.co/RpTKcKQjqs


#COVID19 our latest update on airline/state measures. More on re-starting flights but also some extensions of travel restrictions. See https://t.co/4rZ1qkpRQF for this & other data #InItTogether #WeAreAviation @Transport_EU @IATA @A4Europe @CANSOEurope @EBAAorg @eraaorg @ECACceac https://t.co/DGRwzUh6NT


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