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Stakeholder Forum
Live webinar

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on on aviation’s impact on non-CO₂ emissions

How can the aviation industry best address climate impacts other than CO₂?

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Sean Doyle
Live interview

EUROCONTROL Aviation StraightTalk Live with Sean Doyle

Green airplane flying over a biofuel tank
Think paper

EUROCONTROL Think Paper #10 - Flying the ‘perfect green flight’

How can we make every journey as environmentally friendly as possible?

Comprehensive assessment banner

EUROCONTROL Comprehensive Assessment

COVID-19's Impact on European Air Traffic

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Using data analytics for data-driven decision-making publication promo

Data-driven analytics

Essential to military decision-making in the field of air navigation, and key to improving mission effectiveness.

RNEST Tool screenshot

Analysing emissions from fuel burn

EUROCONTROL boosts capability to assess environmental flight footprint.

Draft Performance Review Report (PRR) 2020 for consultation
Draft Performance Review Report (PRR) 2020 for consultation
What we do
We support European Aviation

Our activities touch on operations, service provision, concept development, research, Europe-wide project implementation, performance improvements, coordination with key aviation players at various levels as well as providing support to the future evolution and strategic orientations of aviation.

Latest developments

Galileo satellite in orbit
Think paper

EUROCONTROL Think Paper #9

Radio Frequency Interference to satellite navigation: An active threat for aviation?