The former Engineering Division of the CFMU has expanded its mission in the wider context of the Network Manager Directorate and has become NTS, the Network Technical Systems Division.

Thanks to its ongoing technical and process improvement programmes, NTS has reached industry-grade maturity level. It is able to deliver high-quality products and provide cost-efficient technical operational support.

Our focus is on process development, architecture improvement and organisational changes.

  • We have secured our processes’ maturity through CMMI level3 certification renewal. CMMI is the foundation which not only supports our certified ISO quality management system but is also part of the SSA (Software Safety Assurance) system. It complies with the EASA Implementing Rule EC 482/2010.
  • We continue to work on our architecture and build on the technical building blocks we have today, taking them further. They make up the SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) which supports the internet browser technologies and interoperable SWIM-compliant Web Services. We are also preparing for the SESAR deployment projects and Centralised Services.
  • We have enhanced our organisational support model and undertake those changes needed to deliver a linear structure, one relying on Industry partnerships for activities that are more of a commodity, so that our staff can concentrate on NM business value-added activities.

We look forward to receiving your observations, suggestions and questions. Please address them to Jean-Pierre Aiguier, Head of Network Technical Systems.

Latest news

The issue with the ETFMS system has been identified and action is underway to return to normal operations. However, flight plans filed before 10.26 UTC were lost and aircraft operators have been requested to refile these flight plans for all aircraft that have not yet departed. The ATFM contingency plan will be maintained for the coming few hours until we are certain that sufficient data is in the system to allow it to operate completely correctly.

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