Network Operations Training

The right skills for efficient operational collaboration

Network Operations Training is a sub-set of EUROCONTROL's training courses: they have been specifically developed to support operational users collaborating with the NMOC (Network Manager Operations Centre in Brussels).

Indeed, efficient collaborative decision-making (CDM) requires a high level of knowledge from all operational staff involved, in NM and in the ATC and aircraft operator communities.

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The use of Internet technology through E-learning and E-conferencing is an important enabler in meeting the challenge of the ever-growing demand for training and in supporting efficient collaboration in Network Operations

Our WBT courses include

Introduction to Network Operations
This is an online Web Based Training package without instructor, delivered over the internet.  It gives an introduction to ATFCM, IFPS and Flight Planning as well as a virtual tour of the Network Management Operations Centre, to Network Operations customers as well as to the general public.

AO Refresher Training
This is a repository of all available ATFCM-related online Web-based Training packages suitable for Aircraft Operator operations staff.

FMP Refresher Training
This is a repository of all available ATFCM-related online Web-based Training packages suitable for Flow Management Position staff.

TWR Refresher Training
This is a repository of all available ATFCM-related online Web-based Training packages suitable for Tower staff.

AMC Refresher Training
This is a repository of all available ATFCM-related online Web-based Training packages suitable for Airspace Management Cell staff.

Flight Efficiency
In line with action plan number 5 of the Flight Efficiency Plan, Network Operations External Training has created a web-based training module on Flight Efficiency. It is called:

Network Management Interactive Reporting
Web Based Training package explaining the usage of the Network Management Interactive Reporting (NMIR) tool.

Centralised SSR Code Assignment and Management System
Two web-based training modules explain why the CCAMS was set up and how it works.

European AIS Database (EAD) courses
Web-based Training module on the European AIS Database.

Web based training modules explaining how to use the E-Helpdesk for AOs

Classroom & blended

These courses are either classroom courses in Brussels, mandatory web-based training or virtual online classrooms.:

IFPS and Flight Planning Course

This course consists of 2 parts:

  • IFPS web-based training: The first part is an internet web-based training module (self-study), which needs to be completed before you can register for the second part.
  • IFPS and Flight Planning classroom: The second part is a classroom based course at the Eurocontrol premises in Brussels, which provides the practical training for the Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System (IFPS).

CHMI Courses

Collaboration Human Machine Interface (CHMI) courses are given in a classroom, as an on-line course and web-based training.

Collaboration Interface for Aircraft Operators (CIAO)

Collaboration Interface for Flow Management Position (CIFLO)

Network Operations Portal Courses


The fourth day classroom after the preceding IFPS and CIAO or NOP courses:

Introduction to ATFCM

This is a classroom based course at the Institute of Air Navigation Services in Luxembourg. It provides a general overview of Network Operations and an introduction to Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management.

Course Modules for FMP Personnel

A modular course for personnel from Air Navigation Service Providers, involved in Flow Management Position (FMP) operations. The FMP courses consist of 4 Modules.

Tailor-made Courses

Apart from the general online and classroom courses that Network Operations External Training gives to AOs, AROs and FMPs, tailor-made courses can also be provided. They are delivered at Brussels, Luxembourg or at the customer’s premises to an individual AO, ARO or FMP. They provide customised training on Network Operations, IFPS, CHMI, NOP or FMP theory.

The course content is adapted to the customer's needs.


Course dates are available in the Training Zone after clicking on the links of the different courses, or consult the calendar (pdf).


Self-registration workflows are used for the E-learning modules and virtual classroom courses.

These workflows are used for content which is freely accessible. This is mainly intended for e-learning courses but also for some virtual classroom courses.

Training Zone account is required for this.

Classroom courses (self registration with confirmation)

These are classroom courses for which participation needs to be controlled, e.g. in order to avoid a user following an inappropriate course for which s/he is not sufficiently prepared.
Training Zone account is required for this.

For more details on the practicalities for registering or cancelling your participation in a training course, consult the online training catalogue Training Zone.

Further info

Read the Network Operations training brochures

Network Operations Training 

This brochure is a descriptive overview to help the Network Management customers to be aware of how their work can be assisted by our classroom, virtual classroom courses and E-learning provision.

Network Operations Training – WBT Modules

  • AO Refresher Training
  • FMP Refresher Training
  • TWR Refresher Training
  •  AMC Refresher Training

IANS – AO courses

  • Course  of particular relevance to Aircraft Operators given at the Institute of Air Navigation Services in Luxembourg.

For more information on the content of the courses, contact the Training Secretariat via email ( or telephone +32 27 29 51 91

If you need help in registering, contact the course reservation office
Telephone:  +352 43 60 61 205 / 307

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