First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST)

The First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST) assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of applicants for Air Traffic Control (ATC) training that are relevant and necessary for the ATCO job.

FEAST Service is currently used by 45 organizations. Some 55.000 candidates have completed the FEAST selection tests since the start of the FEAST Service.

FEAST is available to:

  • civil and military Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)
  • certified ATC aviation training academies and universities

These organizations can be located in EUROCONTROL Member States and outside Europe.



The FEAST test package:

  • consists of 3 modules:
  1. 1: a set of cognitive tests and an English language test
  2. 2: ATC work sample tests
  3. 3: the FEAST Personality Questionnaire (FPQ)
  • is a professional state-of-the-art web-based testing tool
  • improves the quality of selection decision making by ATC recruiters
  • contributes to the cost efficiency of the overall recruitment and selection process and
  • helps to increase the success rate of ATC trainees.

How does it work ?

Job applicants take the tests at the premises of accredited FEAST users. All job applicant data and test results are kept securely and confidentially and are accessed and used only by the ANSP or training institute to whom they belong. Users are given full training and familiarisation before they are accredited to use FEAST.


The Institute offers: 

  • courses for new users and administrators as a prerequisite to accreditation
  • refresher trainings for accredited users
  • specific training on the FPQ and how to use the results in an interview.

Addressed user needs

I want to run selection tests to recruit Air Traffic Controllers

Access conditions

How to access the FEAST Service ?

Civil and Military ANSPs and ATC training institutes in EUROCONTROL member states may request to use the service and tests. FEAST may also be provided to organisations outside Europe. The use of FEAST is subject to the signature of a license agreement.

Further info and contacts

Assistance to FEAST users

EUROCONTROL provides the following complementary support and assistance:

  • Full user support in the planning, customisation and implementation of FEAST (consultation, co-ordination and technical advice, user and administrator training).
  • A centralised and secure infrastructure managed by EUROCONTROL to provide customer support and maintenance (on-going technical support of the FEAST platform and the FEAST database).
  • A helpdesk constantly available during business hours.
  • User driven enhancement and improvement of the test package (development and validation of the tests).
  • Facilitation of the FEAST User Group (FUG), a network of recruitment and training managers from the ANSPs and ATC training institutes that use FEAST.


FEAST User Group

Accredited users are invited to participate in the activities of the FEAST User Group (FUG) which meets once a year. They therefore have a formal means of providing user feedback to the service team, to initiate discussion on current recruitment issues and to participate in decisions.  The FUG provides a valuable means of regularly networking with other professionals.


For further information you may contact the service manager or email the FEAST service team.

Marc Damitz
EUROCONTROL focal point - FEAST service manager
Send an email
Phone: + 352 43 60 61 243

FEAST Support team

Contact us for more information on FEAST, or to arrange a licence agreement to use the tests.

+ 352436061243