CS9-2: Data Communications Services/CPDLC, CM, ADS-C SERVER (DCS/CCA-SERVER)

CS9-2 will implement and operate:

  • ADS-C centralised server receiving ADS-C data from the aircraft and redistributing them to any ground users which needs this information for ATM purpose, avoiding the need to transmit the data more than once on the capacity-limited Air/Ground communication subnetwork.
  • CPDLC server providing limited centralisation of CPDLC service provision (e.g. for new ANSP deployments, centralisation per State) depending on local decisions.
  • Context Management (CM) server managing the initial logon of an aircraft establishing data-link session with a European ATC centre. Each ATC Centre address will be stored in the CM server avoiding the need to update all the avionics databases if a new ATC Centre is implementing CPDLC services.

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