CS8: Pan-European Network Service (PENS)

CS8 has been merged into NewPENS (New Pan-European Network Service) which is the subject of a Common Procurement Agreement conducted by EUROCONTROL with all interested ATM stakeholders from the EUROCONTROL Member States and other States within the ICAO EUR/NAT Region and bordering States (Directive 15/88 of the EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission dated 21 May 2015).

NewPENS, which will build on the success of the current Pan-European Network Services (PENS) infrastructure, aims to become the means of ground-to-ground communication for all connections between all ATM stakeholders across Europe.

Following the decision of the 41 EUROCONTROL Member States to entrust EUROCONTROL with a Common Procurement Agreement (CPA), 34 organisations, both civil and military, have signed the Agreement and are now part of the NewPENS project.

The main purpose of NewPENS is to be the sole infrastructure supporting ATM operations in Europe including:

  • the Network Manger services
  • all communications in support of the Centralised Services to enable their operations
  • the cross-border interconnections between all ANSPs
  • domestic ANSP communications
  • the communication needs of airports, aircraft operators, military and the ATM-related manufacturing industry through secure and cost-effective gateways.

NewPENS aims at providing a comprehensive service management framework that will prove to be the most effective and efficient network solution for a wide spectrum of stakeholders and a wide range of technologies. Hence, it will be in a position to become the means of ground communication supporting pan-European ATM operations.

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