CS5: European ATM Information Management Service (EAIMS)

EAIMS is a Centralised Service to ensure the access to all the required, consolidated, consistent and operationally validated data in a seamless and transparent way as from a single access point, which will enable ASM/ATFCM/ATC, flight operations and airport operations. CS5 will provide services/tools enabling ANSP, AIS and ARO to fulfil their ICAO and Single European Sky obligations, such as compliance with the Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) regulation, and Flight Operations community to maintain necessary data. EAIMS builds on the experience and also, where relevant, on the existing infrastructure and capabilities of the European AIS Database (EAD) and Central Airspace and Capacity Database (CACD) services as well as on the lessons learnt from the Airspace Data Repository (ADR) project. EAIMS involves many actors who will enable the availability and quality of highly accurate and consistent data across the full NM area of interest that ATM partners will share.


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