CS3: European Tracker Service (ETKR)

CS3 is a Centralised Service to create a Europe-wide, consistent, high-quality picture of the air situation, merging traffic data provided by the various surveillance sources (PSR, SSR, ADS, WAM) and to distribute resultant tracks to the service consumer sites. The service will replace the primary Surveillance Data Processing infrastructure deployed at the ATC centres. The objective of the European Tracker Service is to defragment the European surveillance layer as an enabler to the improvement of the network performance, both in terms of safe capacity and cost.

The tracks are elaborated in an ETKR Data Centre (EDC) by the EUROCONTROL ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server (ARTAS) and a second dissimilar, but functionally equivalent, tracker. The tracks are distributed to the users, or clusters of users, throughout the Pan European Network Service (CS8). For contingency and business continuity purposes two EDC sites are foreseen to be deployed. This architecture, which will be validated in the next step of the CS programme, including the necessary safety and security requirements, takes into account the fact that the surveillance data are of paramount importance to the functioning of the European air traffic control system. ETKR will facilitate and, where required, comply with applicable regulations, notably on interoperability.


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