Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS) dashboard

The CNS dashboard provides reports and statistics on flights and aircraft with certain declared capabilities. It does so by:

  • analysing Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) and Performance Based Navigation (PBN) information in the ICAO Flight Plans available to the Network Manager, and
  • correlating this with data in PRISME Fleet 2 (EUROCONTROL Worldwide fleet aircraft database) where relevant.

Analysis can be made for different periods of time, airports, airlines or aircraft types.

Despite the varied quality of declared PBN capability in Flight Plans (FPL), the tool provides useful information in support to defining PBN deployment plans and monitoring fleet capabilities. Improvement of the data by correlation with sources of information other than Flight Plans is foreseen in future releases.

The CNS dashboard makes use of additional information on CNS and PBN capability declared in the ICAO Flight Plans since November 2012, when ICAO updated the FPL format with additional codes for Item 10 and 18.


To access the dashboard you first need to register for the OneSky Online portal. When registering, please indicate your domain of activity (e.g. air navigation service provider, airport (with the ICAO code), Civil Aviation Authority, operator (with your three letter code) or other). If you have any questions please consult our user guide.

Download User guide(pdf)

Once registered and logged in please go to your Manage menu. On the 'Manage your services' page a list of services will be present. Find CNS Dashboard, click on it and click on the Subscribe button.


If you have already registered to the CNS Dashboard, please use the link below to log in to OneSky Online and access it.


CNS dashboard team

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