Base of Aircraft Data (BADA)

Efficient air traffic operations rely on the capability of air traffic management (ATM) systems to accurately predict aircraft trajectories. Likewise, ATM research and development activities require modelling and simulation tools capable of replicating real-life operations and aircraft performances as perfectly as possible.

To enable modelling and simulation of aircraft trajectories, every aircraft in operation shall have a corresponding Aircraft Performance Model (APM).

This is why EUROCONTROL, in cooperation with aircraft manufacturers and operating airlines, has created and maintains an APM called BADA (Base of Aircraft Data).

Owing to this cooperation, BADA prevails as a unique product provided by EUROCONTROL to the aviation community worldwide.

BADA APM Families

BADA APM is based on a kinetic approach to aircraft performance modelling. It is made of two components: the Model specifications, which provide the theoretical fundaments used to calculate aircraft performance parameters, and the Datasets containing the aircraft-specific coefficients necessary to perform calculations. There are two variants of BADA, referred to as Families:

BADA Family 3

Today’s standard for aircraft performance modelling is to provide coverage close to 100% of aircraft types in the ECAC area. Its objectives are to model aircraft behaviour over the nominal part of the flight envelope and to meet today's requirements for aircraft performance modelling and simulation.

The main features related to the maintenance and support of the BADA Family 3 are explained in the BADA Product Management document.

Details on how the coefficients provided in the BADA Family 3 dataset for a specific aircraft type are defined can be found in the BADA Development document.
BADA Family 4 This newly developed model family covers 70% of aircraft types in the ECAC area. It provides increased levels of precision in aircraft performances parameters over the entire flight envelope to enable modelling and simulation of advanced systems and future concepts.

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Users and Licensing

Access to BADA is given to air navigation service providers, research and development organisations, and universities and commercial entities, to the extent necessary to enable them to work on air traffic management-related projects.

The use of BADA is regulated through a license agreement which stipulates the terms and conditions of use based on the contractual constraints EUROCONTROL is committed to with its data providers. The provision of access is subject to EUROCONTROL’s approval.

Request access to BADA

To request a BADA licence you must first be a registered user of the EUROCONTROL OneSky Online – a protected platform that allows authorised users to access specific content and applications.


Once you have registered to OneSky Online, you will be able to connect to the BADA User Interface (BUI) to fill out a BADA licence request.


BADA Technical Documentation and Datasets

Licensed BADA users can find documents and datasets via the BADA User Interface (BUI).

Other publically available technical documents listed here can be provided on request by contacting the BADA Support Team.

User Support Tools

In addition, EUROCONTROL provides the following web applications to facilitate the use of BADA:

BADA User Interface (BUI) The BUI is the BADA licensing platform, allowing internal and external parties to submit a request for BADA, stay informed about its status, communicate with the EUROCONTROL BADA team and manage access to BADA within their organisation. It also serves as a repository of BADA-related documentation and datasets.
BADA Support Application (BSA) The BSA web application allows users to address a clarification inquiry to a BADA expert, to report, track and follow up on problem reports related to the BADA aircraft performance model and aircraft datasets. If you have already been granted access to BADA you can connect to the BSA via the BUI.
BADA Calculation Tool This web application provides the Aircraft Performance Calculation (APC) function for BADA family 3, allowing the calculation of aircraft performances based on BADA for all flight phases under various conditions with input chosen by the user. It also provides some additional calculation functions such as speed conversion, transition altitude calculation between CAS and Mach and synonym search mapping. The BADA Calculation Tool can be accessed only by licensed users via the BUI.