Successful trials enhancing runway throughput

11 January 2017

EUROCONTROL’s two-day demonstration of runway throughput enhancement solutions took place on 11-12 October at its Experimental Centre in Brétigny. Solutions examined were:

  • RECAT-EU (available for deployment now)
  • RECAT-Pair Wise Separations (PWS) (expected to become available for deployment in 2017, bringing runway throughput benefits and possible customised wake separation solutions (optimised for specific traffic mixes))
  • Time Based Separation (TBS) (mandatory for deployment before 1 January 2024 for those airports listed in the Pilot Common Project (PCP) regulation)
  • Weather Dependent Separations (WDS) (expected to become available for local deployment in 2018, bringing runway throughput benefits in the event of crosswind or strong headwind on final approach)
  • Leading Optimised Runway Delivery (LORD decision support concept) for improving separation performance in pair-wise and time-based separation schemes while respecting multiple constraints (e.g. ROT, Runway Occupancy Time)

During the demonstration, which you can watch below, the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Vienna airport environments were reproduced through real-time ATC simulations with four approach and tower controllers from the two airports. The different simulation runs demonstrated how the solutions enhance runway throughput, but without increasing ATCO workload – supported in this by the SESAR LORD prototype.

Following the lead of DSNA and NATS in the first implementation of RECAT-EU and TBS, participants had the opportunity to see the added value and potential benefits these solutions can bring when considering local needs such as weather conditions or a specific traffic mix, with specific reference made to the benefits and lessons learned from one year of TBS deployment at London Heathrow.

EUROCONTROL, with its network and expertise in this domain, is an indispensable partner in advising and supporting the deployment of the most suitable and feasible local solutions to tackle capacity issues.  

You can read more about enhanced runway throughput solutions at EUROCONTROL’s Wake Knowledge Hub.

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