9th USA/Europe ATM R&D Seminar

29 June 2011
the most prestigious joint event for ATM R&D

The 9th USA/Europe ATM R&D Seminar took place from 14 to 17 June in Berlin Germany. This seminar, jointly sponsored by EUROCONTROL and the FAA and alternating between the US and Europe, has become the most prestigious event of its kind for ATM research. Peer-reviewed paper acceptance rate for these seminars is less than 50%, a guarantee of quality. 

On this occasion 69 papers were presented in 13 themes including performance, safety, environment, trajectory management, human factors, finance and weather. In addition to delegates presenting their research the seminar was attended by more than 50 invited senior researchers and decision-makers.

Preparations between EUROCONTROL and the FAA are already underway for the 10th seminar in the series, which will be held June 2013 in Chicago, USA.

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