We are always on the lookout for highly skilled professionals with expertise in different areas of air traffic management and the aeronautical industry. We also have regular opportunities for professionals with a more general administrative background.

As an intergovernmental organisation, EUROCONTROL recruits its staff members, ATCO students, graduates, secondees and  trainees, from nationals of one of our Member States.

Applications should be submitted for specific competitions. Unsolicited applications cannot be accepted and will not be processed.

Jobs and traineeships

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If you are a EUROCONTROL staff member, you will not be able to connect to the online recruitment tool remotely for technical reasons, instead, please use the job opportunities page of the EUROCONTROL Intranet website. This issue will be solved in the coming weeks. We apologise for the inconvenience.

What we offer

Recruitment Policy and FAQ

Graduate Programme

The Graduate Programme is a great way to start an international career and to develop or acquire expertise in air traffic management. We offer a three-year hands-on experience with excellent prospects for making a career in EUROCONTROL.

Student Air Traffic Controllers

Secondment opportunities

Please note the applicable rules to secondment opportunities

Latest news

The Head of Network Operations Management is a crucial function for the effective running of the daily operations on the European aviation network.

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Recruitment contacts

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+32 2 729 3598 / 9676 / 3429

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+31 43 366 1340 / 2017