Route per State Overflown (RSO) distance tool - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use the RSO distance tool with a computer running on Mac OS X or Windows 10?

Unfortunately, the RSO Distance Tool is not compatible with Mac OS X or Windows 10.

I would like to make an estimate for a flight in one of the future months but I can’t find these unit rates on the website of EUROCONTROL.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide the unit rates of future months. The best estimate would be to use the last month available on the EUROCONTROL website.

When I open the RSO Distance Tool, I have to enter a login and password. Where can I find this?

You normally do not need a login and password to use the tool. This is a common problem with the RSO Distance Tool. Fortunately, it can be resolved by right clicking on the icon of the application and selecting ‘run as administrator’. If everything goes well, the application should open without any problems.

When I tried to make an estimate of a specific route, I receive an error screen informing me that the unit rates are missing.

In that case, you go to the link below and download the unit rates in a txt format for the month of the flight.