Interregional APAC/EUR/MID Workshop on “Service improvement through integration of AIM, MET and ATM Information Services”

2 - 4 October 2017

ICAO is holding a workshop on ‘Service improvement through integration of aeronautical information management (AIM), aviation meteorology (MET) and air traffic management (ATM) information services. The event is co-organised by the ICAO APAC/EUR/MID Regional Offices and EUROCONTROL. The meeting will start at 13:00 on 2 October and end at 17:00 on 4 October. More information will be available in an upcoming agenda.

Registration for the workshop is open only to ICAO member States of the APAC, EUR and MID regions.

The event's main objective is to align the mapping of national or regional implementation programmes against the harmonized Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) on aspects related to System Wide Information Management (SWIM).


At the heart of ICAO’s priorities for the coming years, the development and implementation of performance-based navigation (PBN), continuous descent operations (CDO), continuous climb operations (CCO) and air traffic flow management (ATFM), including runway sequencing capabilities (AMAN/DMAN), is information.

Information that enables each and every actor to participate in the processes required to operationally execute PBN, CDO, CCO, ATFM including AMAN/DMAN. But information is not only at the heart of these specific ICAO priorities. Information is the ‘fuel’ for almost all identified operational improvements in the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP).

System Wide Information Management (SWIM) is in this context recognised as the crucial enabler to have access to the right information, at the right time and for the right actor.

A successful implementation of SWIM, as the standards, infrastructure and governance enabling the management of ATM information and its exchange between qualified parties via interoperable services is therefore a key objective of the ICAO Planning and Implementation Regional Groups in the APAC, EUR and MID Regions.

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This workshop is co-organised by the ICAO APAC/EUR/MID Regional Offices and EUROCONTROL.