Final approach operations symposium

31 January 2017 to 2 February 2017

ICAO, EASA and EUROCONTROL are jointly hosting a Final approach operations symposium from 31 January to 2 February 2017. This event will be held in the EUROCONTROL premises in Brussels, Belgium.

The focus of the symposium is to clarify the complex interactions in the final approach phase of a flight between multiple stakeholders and actors such as airports, ANSPs, airspace users, procedure designers or regulators and the need to consider the impact of making changes in this flight phase. Increasingly, the number of possibilities for performing final approach operations - due to PBN and innovative technical solutions based on GNSS and advanced avionics - is blurring the borders between the once clear-cut non-precision and precision approach landscapes. New possibilities for transitioning to and executing the final approach phase promise fuel and noise advantages and better airport access in all visibilities.

The symposium aims to include sessions or discussions dedicated to:

  • introduction of the recent ICAO changes for Final Approaches;
  • the challenges of transitioning from NPAs to modern 2D/3D approaches;
  • procedure design, validation and ATM aspects;
  • airborne and airport aspects on the transition to final approach;
  • Performance Based Aerodrome Operations.

The need for such a symposium has become increasingly evident, not only due to multiple actors, greater complexity of technological ‘cross-over’ solutions or the need to find efficient applications for this flight phase without rendering operations too complex for operational users; more importantly, perhaps, is the need to bring together two key final approach communities – PBN and non-PBN – that have traditionally worked ‘separately’, for understandable reasons. Finding a common understanding is crucial to exploit the varied opportunities available in this flight phase, find effective synergies and grasp their complementary aspects. This has become more and more visible, as borne out of discussions/submissions to groups or regulatory endeavours such as:

  • the ICAO EUR/NAT PBN Task Force;
  • ICAO EANPG All Weather Operations Group (AWOG);
  • EUROCONTROL Navigation Steering Group (NSG);
  • EUROCONTROL RNAV Approach Implementation Support Group (RAISG);
  • EUROCONTROL Landing and Take-Off Task Force (LATO);
  • International GBAS Working Group (I-GWG); and
  • the EASA AWO rulemaking task

Security measures in place

Please note that due to the current security measures in force at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, external visitors are allowed but must be pre-registered; non-registered visitors will not be admitted.

Everyone arriving at EUROCONTROL Headquarters will be asked to provide an identity card in exchange for a replacement (visitor) badge for the duration of the symposium. If you have no ID, you will not be allowed into the building.
Visitors' bags, briefcases and/or packages will be checked systematically on arrival.


The symposium will be hosted at EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels. More information on how to find us is available under the Related links.
A special shuttle bus service will be organised from Central Station to EUROCONTROL Headquarters each morning at 0800hrs and the busses will return to Central Station after the meeting at 17:45. The busses will be clearly marked EUROCONTROL FA symposium.

Please do not use other EUROCONTROL shuttles to avoid crowding. The shuttle service is located at Central Station: Rue de la Putterie - Gare Centrale STIB bus stop (busses 29, 63, 65, 66).

Catering arrangements

At the EUROCONTROL headquarters, we fully rely on our Agency canteen as there are no nearby places to eat. However, due to several meetings taking place at the same time as the symposium the canteen is overbooked and will not be able to provide for the expected large number of visitors for that day.

In view of this, we have negotiated a price with our catering services for provision of all food and beverages at the EUROPA lobby for registered symposium participants. This catering includes a lunch each day and two coffee breaks, all of which are to be enjoyed in the EUROPA lobby. Whilst EUROCONTROL will cover the costs for morning and afternoon coffee breaks, we ask that each participant registered for the event pay €40 to cover lunch costs (soup, selection of sandwiches, dessert, soft drinks)  for the duration of the symposium.  Vouchers will be available for purchase on the first day at 08:30 in front of the EUROPA meeting room and again at the first coffee break. Cash and card are accepted.

Cards accepted are :

  • VISA


EUROCONTROL Headquarters

Rue de la Fusée 96
1130 Brussels