EUROCONTROL puts its environmental expertise at the service of its Member States, the European Union, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the wider aviation community to help measure, monitor and mitigate the impact aviation is having on the environment.

Thanks to the expertise of our staff, the quality and volume of our environment-related aviation data, plus our development of a set of impact assessment models, EUROCONTROL is in a unique position to support its stakeholders in meeting our industry’s environmental challenges.

As you will see on these pages, our expertise covers many aspects, including the provision of specific services to stakeholders via our impact assessment and emissions trading portals.

You will also find valuable resources dealing with collaborating to solve environmental issues at airports; gearing up your organisation to tackle the impact that a changing climate could have on our industry; and, of course, building up your capacity to handle environmental issues through our dedicated training course.

We contribute to improving aviation’s sustainability through these activities:

  • Adapting aviation to a changing climate
  • Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM)
  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and Support Facility
  • Environmental aspects of Airport and Air Traffic Operations
  • Modelling tools to measure the environmental impacts of aviation
  • Research (SESAR)
  • Training

Latest news

Airports, airlines and air navigation service providers can now access this new online EUROCONTROL tool to coordinate collaborative solutions for their shared environmental challenges.

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