Specifications and guidelines

EUROCONTROL is a key actor in developing and supporting all regional and global standardisation activities relevant for ATM. In this context EUROCONTROL prepares and publishes “EUROCONTROL specifications” defining technical and/or operational procedures that advance ATM. In the context of its contribution to the single European sky (SES), the availability of EUROCONTROL specifications as Means of Compliance (MoC) to EU regulations allows regulated parties to implement and comply with SES legislation.

In the specific case of the SES interoperability Regulation, Community specifications may be established by European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs) in cooperation with EUROCAE or by EUROCONTROL. Community specifications are voluntary means of compliance that are recognized by the European Commission and referenced in the Official Journal of the EU. For EUROCONTROL Specifications, the opinion of the Single Sky Committee (SSC) is sought to determine whether they are to be recognized as Community specification and referenced in the Official Journal of the EU. Furthermore, EASA is in the process of preparing new certification specifications that include both interoperability and airworthiness requirements, which will provide an alternative demonstration of compliance to the interoperability Regulation.

The below EUROCONTROL Specifications have been recognised as Community specifications for the SES interoperability Regulation. A complete list of all EUROCONTROL specifications and guidelines are accessible through the EUROCONTROL publications section