SES Performance Scheme Reference Period 2 (2015-2019)

The developments for RP2 are ongoing

Already before the start of the first reference period, preparations have started for the second reference period.

The SES Performance Scheme for RP2 has meanwhile been adopted and published by the Commission:

The following steps for the further preparation of RP2 are ongoing:

  • Preparation and adoption of EU-wide performance targets for RP2: 2012-2013
  • Adoption of Performance Plans & PRB Assessments: 2014
  • Implementation & Monitoring: whole RP2


RP2: Preparations

PRB workshop on the implementation of the SES performance scheme, 8th May 2013

 Please find here the slides as presented:

 For all those interested the workshop has been filmed. Please link to the website of the EC Mobility DG.

KPIs and PIs in the revised SES Performance Scheme regulation

The revised performance and charging Regulations were adopted on 8 March 2013 and will be published soon in the Official Journal of the European Union.
Annex I of the revised performance Regulation lists the KPIs and PIs that are applicable from RP2 onwards. You will find here a summary table (in a format similar to the one published in the PRB's proposed regulatory approach document) providing the full list of RP2 KPIs and PIs.

PRB Report - preparation of the revision of the SES Performance Scheme addressing RP2 and beyond

This report presents the PRB’s advice to the European Commission regarding the revision of the performance scheme of the second Single European Sky package. The recommendations contained in this document are supporting the Commission’s work on the amendment of Regulation (EU) No 691/2010 (the performance Regulation) and Regulation (EU) No 1191/2010 (the charging Regulation).

Outcome of the Public consultation on the regulatory approach for RP2

During the period from 16 March 2012 ending 8 June 2012, the Commission held a public consultation on the proposed regulatory approach for a revision of the SES performance scheme addressing the second reference period (RP2) and beyond. The commission has received 65 questionnaire replies, resulting in more than 500 pages of raw input. The PRB has condensed this into a Summary of Responses document.

On 19th June 2012 the PRB workshop on RP2 of the performance scheme took place

Please find here the slides of the speakers.

Public consultation on the regulatory approach for RP2

Peter Griffiths, the PRB Chairman has announced the start of the public consultation on the proposed regulatory approach (pdf) for the revision of the Single European Sky performance scheme. Please find here his letter (pdf).

The consultation ran for the general public for a period of 12 weeks. All details could be found on the European Commission's website which contained a on-line questionnaire as well. As a tool for the drafting, internal circulation and review of your answers, an editable MS-Word version of the questionnaire was provided.

The Commission had received 65 questionnaire replies, resulting in more than 500 pages of raw input. The PRB has condensed these materials into a Summary of Responses document

State of preparations RP2 (End Nov 2011)

These slides (pdf) show the state of play, as at end-November 2011, of the Performance Scheme of the SES (slides 1-3) as well as the preparations for RP2 (slides 4 onwards).

Informal workshop on RP2 (10 Nov 2011)

The PRB started the preparations for the SES RP2 performance scheme with a stakeholder consultation at EUROCONTROL on 10 November 2011.

The relevant documentation for this workshop was as follows:


EU wide performance targets

Written consultation on EU-wide performance targets 2015-2019

Following its stakeholder workshop, held on 6 February, the Performance Review Body (PRB) has prepared a document on Union-wide (EU) performance targets for the second Reference Period of the Single European Sky Performance scheme (RP2, 2015-2019).

The consultation runs from 17 May-03 July inclusive. Stakeholders are invited to provide comments using the Commission's questionnaire.

Both the PRB document and the EC questionnaire are available here.

Please note that the PRB document serves as background to assist you in responding to the Commission's questionnaire, which in fact constitutes the consultation mechanism.

Any queries relating to the PRB document should be addressed to the Performance Review Unit: .

All Stakeholders' comments will be considered by the PRB when preparing its report on EU-wide targets for RP2, which will be sent to the Commission in early-September 2013.

PRB workshop on the EU-wide performance targets for RP2

On the 6th of February 2013 from 10:00 till 16:00, the PRB organised an informal workshop on the ranges for the EU-wide performance targets for RP2 (2015-2019) in the Conference Center of the European Commission with a view to exchange views and get stakeholders' expectations in terms of performance targets.

Please find here:

The video of the workshop can be seen here.

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