Safety Regulation Commission (SRC)

The Safety Regulation Commission (SRC) advises the Permanent Commission of EUROCONTROL, through the Provisional Council, on all matters related to the safety regulation of ATM, and provides recommendations and specific proposals for the improvement of the safety of these services.

A major role of the SRC is to assess the overall safety performance of the ATM system and provide feedback of experience to the EUROCONTROL Organisation in order to promote safety improvement. It is composed of senior executives from within organisations responsible for ATM safety regulation at national level.

Should you have any queries regarding the SRC or its website, please contact Daniel HARTIN, SRC Secretary,


SRC Annual Safety Report 2016

The SRC’s 2016 Annual Safety Report builds on EUROCONTROL’s safety measurement techniques and presents enhanced trend information on the safety performance of the ATM system. In the Report, the analysis of the achieved levels of safety shows that the ECAC safety objective continues to be met for accidents with ATM contribution.

However, the noted lack of sufficient resources and qualified staff at national level allocated to the tasks in safety data collection, coding, assessment and analysis remains a priority factor of concern. It should be noted that these capabilities cannot, and will not, be quickly improvised if safety suddenly becomes a key issue in the context of new developments.

In addition to the extra effort made in the working interfaces with Member States, the SRC has also been able to maintain the robustness of the AST data validation process. Such validation is based on a direct interface with those involved at national level and the thorough and dedicated technical assessment of the data received. As a result, the SRC is in position to underline the high reliability of the AST data. It is the view of the SRC that this provides EUROCONTROL with a solid platform for further developments in the field of ATM safety analysis.

Download a copy of the Report here.

Upcoming Events

Below you will find details of meetings and other events which are relevant to the SRC's work;


Date Group Event
1/2 February 2017 AST-FP Group - Ad-Hoc Session  
28 March 2017 Provisional Council - Ad-Hoc Session (Restricted)  
29/30 March 2017 Safety Regulation Commission SRC 54
16 May 2017 PC Coordinating Committee PCC 42
22 June 2017 Provisional Council PC 47
27/28 September 2017 Safety Regulation Commission SRC 55
17 October 2017 PC Coordinating Committee PCC 43
30 November -
01 December 2017
Provisional Council PC 48