Performance Review Commission

Role in the EUROCONTROL Organisation

The Performance Review Commission (PRC) was established in 1998 by the Permanent Commission of EUROCONTROL. It advises EUROCONTROL’s Governing Bodies.

The PRC supports the effective management of European ANS through target-setting and the establishment of a transparent and independent performance review system.

This system addresses all aspects of ANS, including policy and planning, safety management at and around airports and in the airspace, as well as financial and economic aspects of services rendered.

The PRC is responsible for enforcing implementation of the performance and target-setting system throughout EUROCONTROL’s Member States. The PRC is supported in its work by the Performance Review Unit (PRU) of EUROCONTROL Agency's Single Sky Directorate.

In 2010, EUROCONTROL acting through its PRC and supported by the PRU was designated by the European Commission as the Performance Review Body (PRB).


The Performance Review Commission is composed of 12 Members who are appointed on the basis of ability, competence, experience and professional reputation in the fields of air traffic management, safety or economic regulation.

The PRC's term of office runs from 1 August 2013 to 30 June 2015 inclusive.


  • Mr. Ralf RIEDLE


  • Mr. Antero LAHTINEN


  • Mr. Laurent BARTHELEMY
  • Mr. Nils BILLINGER
  • Mr. René BRUN
  • Captain Hasan ERDURAK
  • Ms. Marja HUTCHINGS
  • General Giorgio ISCRA
  • Ms. Anne LAMBERT
  • Professor Dr. Hans-Martin NIEMEIER

Reporting lines

The PRC reports directly to the EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission through the Provisional Council on its activities. These activities include providing advice on ANS performance issues, including performance targets.

The PRC deliverables include:

  • Annual performance review reports (PRR);
  • ATM Cost-effectiveness benchmarking reports (ACE);
  • Special reports on issues such as comparisons of ATM-related operational performance in the United States and Europe.

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