The prime output of the DPS/PEPR (LSSIP) activity is the annual LSSIP documents, which show progress made and detail the plans for each ECAC State for the next five years.

Based on these LSSIP documents every year the ESSIP Report, depicting European implementation progress in achieving ESSIP Objectives, is produced.  The report based on LSSIP Year 2013 documents is finalised.

LSSIP by State

Most of the States have now finalised and signed their LSSIP Year 2014 documents, the remaining States are in the process of signature.

Albania Finland Luxembourg Slovenia
Austria France Maastricht UAC Spain
Azerbaijan FYROM Malta Sweden
Armenia Georgia Moldova Switzerland
Belgium Germany Montenegro Turkey
Bosnia & Herzegovina Greece Netherlands Ukraine
Bulgaria Hungary Norway United Kingdom
Croatia   Poland  
Cyprus Ireland Portugal  
Czech Republic Italy Romania  
Denmark Latvia Serbia  
Estonia Lithuania Slovak Republic  

LSSIP Expert group

The purpose for the establishment of the LSSIP Expert group is to further enhance the involvement of LSSIP Focal Points / Experts in the development of elements of the LSSIP, i.e. process, guidance material, tools, ways of working, etc.