Introducing EAD Services

The European AIS Database is designed for users and providers of AIS information.Listed below are services available for each type of clients.

EAD Services Offered

EAD components available for Data Providers are:

Additional Services

In addition to the availability of the operational AIS data, clients can take full advantage of: 

  • 24h/day service availability: professional staff work around the clock to process AI and to provide a client Service Desk;
  • Periodic data quality reviews: data input by both EUROCONTROL and clients is reviewed regularly against international regulations and printed publications in order to develop data quality and continually improve on completeness, correctness and timeliness; 
  • Consistency with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards and recommendations: the system, database and the operations are updated whenever new standards are introduced or old ones are updated; 
  • Migration Support: from point of commitment through to start of operations, clients are fully supported to ensure a smooth transition from their current system; 
  • User groups: one of the goals is to ensure clients' evolving requirements are understood. Regular User Groups are held, to provide clients with a forum to exchange ideas and experiences; 
  • Cost effective integrated AIS solution by implementation of automated processes and a commonly developed and maintained application.  

Contact EAD

Should you want more information regarding EAD or how to get connected, please get in touch with us.